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Is your parking lot in need of repair, maintenance or sealcoating?

Titan's commercial sealcoating company has you covered. Our services extend beyond the home to businesses and commercial developments.

Why does your parking lot need regular maintenance and repair?

Traffic, combined with cold weather, precipitation, and chemical leakage, takes a toll on your parking lot's asphalt. Maintaining your parking lot with seal coating extends the life of your parking lot by creating a protective layer between the harmful elements and the asphalt. Parking lot repair fills in the cracks and pot holes, while parking lot sealcoating preserves the crisp charcoal color and prevents further damage.

Parking Lot Maintenance and Sealcoating Projects by Titan

Titan Parking Lot Before and After

Titan Parking Lot Maintenance and Sealcoating Before and After

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What are the benefits of professional sealcoating and parking lot maintenance?

The first impression of any potential customer is the exterior of your business. Aside from being visually appealing, commercial sealcoating saves your business the money, time, and effort of frequent asphalt replacement and keeps your patrons safe. Not to mention, the inconvenience of installing a new driveway or parking lot while running a business.

Why Titan's Parking Lot Seal Coating Lasts!

Our unique process begins by pressure washing the surface, ridding it of unwanted chemicals and debris. Once clean, we repair the asphalt cracks and pot holes to smooth out the surface. Finally, the asphalt sealcoating is applied, making it look brand new again.

When is the right time for sealing your parking lot?

New parking lots should be sealcoated 3 to 12 months after installation, existing parking lots should be sealcoated annually or every other year based on the winter, to maintain their surface quality and appearance.

Why Titan is considered the best parking lot maintenance company!

Protecting your asphalt parking lot keeps your company's property looking professional and ensures the safety of your patrons. We also offer parking lot striping services. Our parking lot maintenance, sealcoating and striping services are timely, cost effective and clean! Guaranteed!

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Satisfied clients for over 15 years and hundreds of commercial parking lots in the Union County area are testaments to our high quality of service. Get a parking lot maintenance and sealcoating estimate and your parking lot can look NEW again.