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Why it's important to have a high quality home specialist keep your home, driveway, patio and yard dry.

"When it rains, it pours" and no one knows that better than Titan Property Maintenance. Your yard serves as a playground, garden, dog run, and entertaining destination- not a swamp. Don't let it turn into one. Allow us to provide you with a drainage solution that puts a stop to the flooding in your yard.

Why do you have drainage problems?

As stormwater rains down, it runs downhill. This means it naturally flows to lower grounds. Poor grading prohibits water from properly dispersing, causing it to collect in certain areas.

Is this your yard?

Do you have backyard drainage issues or backyard flooding issues?

Titan Scotch Plains Drainage Issues

What are the long-term effects of drainage issues?

Homes, driveways, and yards throughout Scotch Plains endure seasons of heavy and persistent rainfall. The more rainfall a property receives, the more crucial proper drainage is. Without an effective drainage system, water accumulating on grass and asphalt surfaces will cause erosion and landslides. Ultimately, water damage cracks the surface and seeps low enough to instigates shifts of the foundation. In backyards, poor drainage prevents you and your family from enjoying the potential of your land. Not only do pools of water make your yard inaccessible, but they attract unwanted insects, pests, and moss. Call our yard drainage solution experts today and restore your property.

What can Titan drainage solutions do for your home, yard, and driveway?

Solving Scotch Plains yard and driveway draining issues for over fifteen year, Scotch Plains yard drainage solutions enable water to flow beneath the ground and away from your trouble areas.

Scotch Plains Drainage Projects by Titan

Titan Drainage Before and After

Titan Scotch Plains Yard Drainage Before and After

Titan Drainage Before and After

Titan Scotch Plains Stormwater Drainage Before and After

More Titan Scotch Plains Drainage Projects

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Fix Your Yard (before and after)

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What do our storm water and drainage solutions include?


Scotch Plains Yard Drainage Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

Our backyard had a low lying area next to the house. Every flash flood caused our cellar to flood. Titan's draiange solution solved the problem and every time it rains, we are dry! They did a professional job that worked! ....and they left the yard looking pristine.

-Elyce J.
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

Most properties in Scotch Plains have some drainage issues. Our main focus is to provide a positive grade around your home and as many drainage pipes to the street as possible. When water cannot be drained directly to the street, we install dry wells beneath the surface. A drywell is placed under any area susceptible to flooding including yards, driveways, decks and porches. This allows rainwater runoff to adequately collect before naturally seeping into the earth. Additionally, we will install a catch basin to collect the water and redirect it to the street and underground waterways. Our services extend to land grading and other measures to ensure the protection of your home and yard.

Why is Titan considered the best Scotch Plains Yard Drainage company?

Protecting your home, driveway and yard is what we do! Timely, cost effective, and dry! Guaranteed!

Satisfied clients for over 15 years and hundreds of properties in the Scotch Plains area are testaments to our high quality of service. Get a Drainage Estimate and your home can be protected and your yard can be restored to the playground, garden, dog run, or entertaining destination it is meant to be.