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Solving Yard and Driveway Storm and Rain Water Drainage Issues

Count on NJ's Drainage Experts to Solve Your Yard Drainage Issues

The Long-term Effects of Drainage Problems...

Stormwater runoff and the absence of an effective yard drainage system can cause water to pool on your property and make it impossible for you to enjoy your yard. Drainage problems can also create a variety of safety and maintenance issues, putting your family at risk and adding stress to your daily life. In addition, mosquitos and other insects are attracted to stagnant water in your yard, posing a health risk to your children and pets. Insufficient drainage systems around your home and deck can cause potentially dangerous structural damage to your home's foundation and porch. Soil erosion results from poor lawn drainage, leading to an unsightly, muddy yard where grass, plants or shrubs can't grow. If drainage problems in your yard are making your New Jersey home an eyesore, the experts at Titan can help!

Is this your yard?

NJ Drainage Problems
These backyard pictures are typical of the types of drainage and flooding issues we address with New Jersey homeowners. In fact, the above pictures were taken prior to our drainage solutions being implemented.

What can Titan drainage solutions do for your home, yard, and driveway?

Having accumulated more than 15 years as drainage contractors, the professional Titan team is uniquely qualified to assess your yard's drainage problems competently. We will design a customized yard drainage solution that will direct the flow of stormwater runoff underground, eliminating all drainage problems that create flooding on your New Jersey property. To redirect stormwater to the street, we'll install a catch basin and an extensive series of underground drainage pipes. For water that can't be drained directly to the road, we'll install underground dry wells to adequately collect rainwater and allow it to seep naturally into the earth. We use specialized equipment to install your custom yard drainage solution. This equipment enables us to accurately grade your property and achieve precise drainage pipe angles that provide durable, consistent underground water drainage while minimizing damage to your land and fencing. Count on Titan, the drainage experts your New Jersey neighbors have trusted to meet a variety of stormwater management needs!

Why Our Yard Drainage Solutions Work

Solving New Jersey's yard, patio and driveway drainage issues for over fifteen years, our drainage solutions enable water to flow beneath the ground and away from your yard, patio and home.

Titan Yard Drainage Solutions

Drainage Expert Inspects, Designs and Plans Drainage Solution Options

Underground PVC Pipes Drain Water from Backyard to Street

French Drain, Dry Well and Exterior Sump Pump to Eliminate Backyard Flooding

Driveway Extension with Underground Drainage to Eliminate Rainwater Pooling and Entering the Garage
(before and after)

Gutter Downspouts Connected to PVC Drainage Pipes to Eliminate Roof Runoff Water Issues

River Garden

Rain Garden with Trees, Shrubs, Swale and River Stone

Window Wells and House Soil Grading to Eliminate Water Entering the Basement

Specialized Equipment Minimizes Property Damage During the Installation Process

Gutter Downspouts Connected to PVC Drainage Pipes
(before and after)

The Titan Bobcat Grades the Backyard Soil Towards the Newly Installed Drainage Area

Sensitive Soil Cultivation and Compaction

Special Equipment for Sensitive Soil Cultivation and Compaction

Professional Equipment for a Professional Job

More New Jersey Drainage Projects by Titan

Titan Drainage During and After

Titan Westfield Yard Drainage Before and After

Soil Grading and Windows Wells

Titan Drainage During and After

Titan Westfield Stormwater Drainage Before and After

Gutter Downspouts Connected to PVC Piping Delivering Rainwater to the Street

Why Homeowners Choose Titan for NJ Landscape Drainage


The Titan team of expertly trained professionals has over 15 years of experience and technical knowledge to draw from when assessing your stormwater management and drainage problems. Our attention to detail ensures that your Titan water drainage system continues to operate optimally year after year to keep your New Jersey yard looking great!

Customized Drainage Systems

Every drainage problem is unique, so Titan's drainage solutions aren't "cookie-cutter" systems. Instead, we'll custom design a water drainage system tailored to the drainage issues on your particular NJ property. This approach allows us to expertly address and correct your specific water drainage problems so you can enjoy your yard.

Specialized Equipment

We use an array of specialized equipment and technology that allows us to design and install your customized yard drainage system with precision while minimizing damage to your New Jersey yard and fencing. With Titan, you never have to worry that your underground drainage pipes will settle and cause stormwater backflow that floods your yard.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our New Jersey clients enjoy working with us, which is one reason we get so much of our business from referrals. We make having a drainage system installed an easy process for you, and we always stand behind our work.

Cost Effective Solutions

We want you to be able to be proud of your yard. That's why we'll work with your budget and provide you with several options for solving your yard drainage issues.

The Titan Approach

Over the past 15 years, we have perfected the yard drainage analysis, planning and installation process. If you are ready to start enjoying your property free of issues created by rain and stormwater flooding, call (908) 654-4944 or email us today to schedule your drainage consultation.

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