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Why it's important to have a high quality home specialist keep your home, driveway, patio and yard dry.

"When it rains, it pours" and no one knows that better than Titan Property Maintenance. Your yard serves as a playground, garden, dog run, and entertaining destination- not a swamp. Don't let it turn into one. Allow us to provide you with a drainage solution that puts a stop to the flooding in your yard.

Why do you have drainage problems?

As stormwater rains down, it runs downhill. This means it naturally flows to lower grounds. Poor grading prohibits water from properly dispersing, causing it to collect in certain areas.

Is this your yard?

Do you have backyard drainage issues or backyard flooding issues?

Titan Westfield Drainage Issues

What are the long-term effects of drainage issues?

Faulty drainage prevents the proper flow of water, causing detrimental flooding to, and beyond, the surface of your land. This can ultimately result in erosion, landslide, soil alterations, entry into the foundation of your home, and more. Most plants cannot survive in waterlogged grounds and those that can, mainly moss, are hardly welcome. Poor landscape drainage is a huge hindrance to gardens and hotspots for unwanted insects and pests. In addition, flawed driveway drainage can lead to cracking and the destruction of structure. Metals rust and deteriorate in pools of water. Issues in under deck drainage increase the chance of landslides and structure failure, decreasing the chance of long term durability. Not to mention, poor backyard drainage prevents you from appreciating the full potential of your land while putting your children and pets at risk.

What can Titan drainage solutions do for your home, yard, and driveway?

Solving Westfield yard and driveway draining issues for over fifteen year, Westfield yard drainage solutions enable water to flow beneath the ground and away from your trouble areas.

Westfield Drainage Projects by Titan

Titan Drainage Before and After

Titan Westfield Yard Drainage Before and After

Titan Drainage Before and After

Titan Westfield Stormwater Drainage Before and After

More Titan Westfield Drainage Projects

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What do our storm water and drainage solutions include?


Westfield Yard Drainage Westfield, NJ 07090, 07091

Our backyard became an unwanted second pool and we had had enough. With Titan's lawn drainage system, rain water was moved directly into the street and our yard was restored to the area it used to be. The best part is the kids no longer track mud through our house!

-Lou J.
Westfield, NJ 07090, 07091

Most properties in Westfield have some drainage issues. Our main focus is to provide a positive grade around your home and as many drainage pipes to the street as possible. When water cannot be drained directly to the street, we install dry wells beneath the surface. A drywell is placed under any area susceptible to flooding including yards, driveways, decks and porches. This allows rainwater runoff to adequately collect before naturally seeping into the earth. Additionally, we will install a catch basin to collect the water and redirect it to the street and underground waterways. Our services extend to land grading and other measures to ensure the protection of your home and yard.

Why is Titan considered the best Westfield Yard Drainage company?

Protecting your home, driveway and yard is what we do! Timely, cost effective, and dry! Guaranteed!

Satisfied clients for over 15 years and hundreds of properties in the Westfield area are testaments to our high quality of service. Get a Drainage Estimate and your home can be protected and your yard can be restored to the playground, garden, dog run, or entertaining destination it is meant to be.