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Save money, time, AND your driveway before it's too late!

How selecting a quality Springfield seal coating company saves you time and money?

We protect our houses, our cars, and even ourselves against the wear and tear of everyday life- why not protect our driveways? Driveway sealing does just that. It provides a protective coat against everyday distress, extending your driveway's life.


Springfield Driveway Sealing Springfield, NJ 07081

We loved our experience with Titan. They communicated through the entire process... from the quote through the cleanup. The sealcoaters were friendly and did fantastic work. Plus, the seal coating was so clean, there was not a stray drop of seal coat anywhere.

-The Colons
Springfield, NJ 07081

Why does my Springfield driveway need sealcoating and crack filling?

We often overlook the accumulation of wear-and-tear that our driveways endure. From the daily pressure of cars to the seasonal stress of extreme temperatures, our driveways are constantly being worn down. Driveways are burdened by the weight of cars, as well as the impact of gas and oil leaks that erode the surface. Springfield winters bring below freezing temperatures and substantial amounts of snow while its springs and summers bring blistering temperatures and generous rains. These weather changes cause asphalt to expand and contract, leading to surface cracks. In addition, year-round UV exposure deteriorates the asphalt. Allow Titan Sealcoating to protect your driveway from the inevitable impact of these forces before it's too late.

Your driveway will look like NEW again!

Unlike other companies, Titan provides seal coating services as both a preventive measure and a source for driveway repair.

Springfield Sealcoating Projects by Titan

Titan Sealcoating Before and After

Titan Springfield Driveway Sealing Before and After

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Why Titan's Driveway Seal Coating Lasts!

When is the right time for driveway coating and blacktop repair?

New driveways should be sealcoated 3 to 12 months after installation, allowing plenty of time for driveway to set and adhere to a sealer.

Existing driveways should be sealcoated annually or every other year based on the winter, to maintain it's surface quality and appearance.

Why Titan is considered the best Springfield Driveway Sealcoating company!

Protecting your asphalt driveway with the cleanest sealcoating service is what we do! Timely, cost effective and clean! Guaranteed!

Satisfied clients for over 15 years and thousands of driveways in the Springfield area are testaments to our high quality of service. Get a Driveway Sealing Estimate and your driveway will look NEW again.

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